Meet Master Chief Petty Officer: Angela McShan

Meet Master Chief Petty Officer: Angela McShan

She served over 20 years in the US Coast Guard & now she has a brand new cutter named after her! #careergoals. 


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If you can't give someone roses while they're still alive, name a military ship after them. Queue Angela McShan. She is most known for her commitment to service and building up the costal guard community, training dozens of serving officers the craft of the US Coast Guard. From the time she enlisted in 1979, McShan was a "positive, kind and motivational" person. Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the sailor really worked hard in her life to be promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer at age 39 in 2000. Sadly though, just two months after her appointment, she lost her life to cancer. The U.S Coast Guard community felt her absence so much that in appreciation they created the Angela McShan Inspirational Leadership Award. This award is annually awarded by nomination to Chief Petty Officers who exemplify "Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty."  In 2014, when it was announced that the 35th cutter would be named after McShan an outpouring of pure respect came from the Coast Guard community. 


On September 28, the Angela McShan cutter arrived in Cape May, New Jersey, the home to the US Coast Guard Training base. A special naming ceremony took place and photos were shared on Facebook. So many people wrote beautiful tributes in the comments. One post read, " such a gorgeous looking cutter. The best looking cutter I have ever seen with Coast Guard and to be named by the most beautiful person to serve in the Coast Guard. Thank you for naming this cutter in the name that represents HONOR, RESPECT, DIGNITY,  on in the name that represents all of the quality of Master Chief Angela McShan. Farwell and Following Seas Master Chief Angela McShan as we dedicated this gorgeous cutter in your name. You will always be remembered as the beauty that sails like seas you represented." 

These ships are not only strong and mighty in their own right, but they are also the first command for patrolling the seas, seizing narcotics and rescuing lost ships and other stuff that may be in danger. According to the Coast Guard site, USCGC Angela McShan ship is 154 - foot in length and "features advanced command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment."  We salute you, Angela. May your spirit live on in this ship! 

 To tour or view the ship in person, book your next vacation to Cape May, New Jersey. Tours can be scheduled in advance by calling or visiting the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May.


Photo Credit:  Chief Warrant Officer Timothy Tamargo



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